Equestrian Outreach & Therapeutic Program 

A place of acceptance 

As the founder of this organization I felt the sense of urgency to establish a dedicated program for teens. A place to turn to when feeling cornered or bullied. A no pressure no judgment equestrian atmosphere. An avenue for growth, to build confidence and hope. To be heard and confide. In time of planning Ive added the addition to also offer therapeutic equestrian sessions to not only teens but to the community in general so that many of you in a variety of age groups can take full advantage of. Visit our community section to learn more. 



TROTT is a small organization that relies heavily on small scale projects, donations, awareness and volunteers in order to fulfill the mission of what this program has to offer. Without the help of the community we would not be able to fully advocate for our youth and offer great opportunities. The purpose of this organization is to unite, offer acceptance, and create avenues for our future leaders. To develop strength, balance and hope in ones daily lives and on horseback.

Together Reaching Out To Teens, LTD