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Proudly Introducing Our Partnership


Cornell University Cooperative Extension  

Current Fundraisers:

Attire: As October 2016 open enrollment approaches us, we are in need of long sleeve shirts or sweaters made for our TROTT 4H Club Members and Families.  We ask that you'd consider helping us meet our goal in order to provide our group with a lasting attire they can appreciate wearing through the fall and winter seasons.

Goal $400

4H Pony: Since adding 4H into our TROTT program introducing this exciting opportunity to the younger crowd we realized that it would be best to have an experienced 4H pony redly available to for the use of our smaller youth. Fortunately we found her however in need of community help to bring her to NY from Louisiana. Transportation is costly and urgently needed. We need community assistant in helping our 4-H members reach this goal.  Please help! 

Goal $800  

Volunteers Needed: 

  • Hacker
  • ​Experienced Riding Instructor
  • Barn/Chore Help

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Information on 4H Fundraisers: Depending on our  demands, needs and goals we plan a number of fundraisers in order to help us meet those goals. We want all 4H members to take full advantage of any opportunity presented to our club and will encourage parent participation to help us achieve. We do all we can with what we have and can only grow and succeed with helping hands. "Together we can create lasting memories."    

TROTT 4H PROGRAM: ​ The TROTT 4-H Horse Program promotes knowledge of horsemanship and responsible, ethical equine use, care, and management. This program is designed for those youth that have an interested in horses. We develop knowledge beginning from the ground working up into the saddle through a series of exercises and activities’. A community opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Must be 7 through 15 years of age to join. To learn more you may email and call TROTT or contact Cornell Cooperative Extension at 607-272-2292. You also have the option to be placed on a waiting list in situations where we have no further availabilities. 

Fees: $10 Annual Enrollment 

         $20 Annual Dues 

Other teen opportunities available outside of 4H contact TROTT to learn more. 

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