Volunteers needed:

We are in need of TROTT volunteers and 4H volunteers and could use the help in any of the following fields. Please connect with us should you show interest in any of the following. By becoming a volunteer we would be able to open up more opportunities and allow the people to take full advantage of our program and all that it has to offer. Student interns welcomed.


Vet, Vet student, Farrier, Grounds Keeper, Handyman, Barn Helper, Experienced Riding Instructor, Horse Trainer & Experienced Trail Riding Leader.



Together Reaching Out To Teens, LTD is a non – profit organization that’s relies heavily on small-scale projects, donations, volunteers and sponsors. Many of these horses come in for safety and require immediate help such as veterinary assistance, farrier, dental, rehabilitation, trust, patient hands, love and most importantly a chance at life. What a better experience to provide therapy to horse in need that will in return provide some of their therapeutic experiences to the community and the surrounding areas. 

Our horses are used for a variety of services and really play an active role in someone’s life. From outreach, therapy, 4H and the people. Horses can really bring us together in someway shape or form by providing healing emotionally, mentally, socially and physically. You will find a multiple of our program needs listed and ask that you’d consider helping in any way you can, we greatly appreciate it and thank you immensely. 

Scaled Projects:

We could use the help of the community in some of these small scaled projects and in need of volunteer labor work performed and would appreciated some items donated for these projects.


1) Hay loft or a designated hay shelter such as a carport w/roof, open garage. An onsite storage that can be used appropriately to secure our hay from harsh weathers and can store 60 to 100 bales of hay.

2) Small indoor or outdoor riding arena, either or would be appreciated.  We offer sufficient space behind our barn and would like to designate this area for riding time. This are is important for our youth, teens, and therapeutic students and is a huge necessity in our program. We need to be able to provide services all year long and without this space we are extremely limited.

3) A 6 x 10 or 8 x 10 Run in Shed for our pony pasture. 

We wouldn't be able to do this without your help. 



Sponsors play a huge role in our organization and are much needed. You can sponsor a student, horse, project or the organization. By sponsoring a student you would be able to provide an opportunity to someone that can benefit from the outreach program, therapeutic sessions or teen camps. Horse sponsors will help ease some of the medical and care expenses for the horses. These contributions are a great deal to us because a lot of our horses come to us for safety and many have been neglected creating immediate medical care and rehabilitation. Project sponsors help fund necessary projects that can benefit an area or need to the organization. Organization sponsors help us to apply your contribution in any needed area.

Tier One: A $25, $50, $75 or $100 monthly contribution you designate to any of the listed sponsorships opportunities.

Tier Two: A one time annual contribution of $300 or more you designate to any of the listed sponsorships opportunities.  

Any recurring contributions of $100 or more will be featured on our website as one of our sponsors. We thank you kindly for being an active supporter. 

Monetary Donations: 

Can be given using our secure payment site by clicking on the donations button, you may also hand in or mail a check to TROTT in any amount you desire. Monetary donations unless specified will be used for horse expenses in any needed area.

For example:

Horse care

Program project needs



Itemized Donations: 

Grain buckets
Water Buckets
Grain (Blue Seal Charger or Purina Senior)
Grooming Brushes/Supplies
Fly Spray

Fine Shavings
Lead Lines
Youth helmets
Pony Saddle (New or Used)
Saddle (Western – New or Used)
Saddle pads (western & English)
Hoof Picks
Tack equipment 

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