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Ray Of Hope For Ponies 

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Ray of Hope is for ponies in need of shelter, loving stable homes and a place to call happily ever after. Our mission here is to be dedicated advocates and become the voices of our fellow equine family. The goal is to generate enough funding through community efforts and networking for a pony with a high risk of being sent for slaughter. We make it our efforts in finding SUITABLE placement in hopes that they will never end up in danger again. TROTT will also place a pony in our program when space becomes available to rehabilitate, train and find placement where they are destined for greatness or become companion horses to live life loved. We will also use rescues to make a difference in the lives of our youth’s and serve as a therapy or camp pony.  Join us in this mission by making a donation, sponsoring a pony, adopting a rescue or liking our Facebook page to see all that we do. Sharing our stories and the stories of our equine family will only provide better chances for the safety of ponies in need. 

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